About ScienceReach

Who are we?

Our story began with the need to access insights and knowledge from our community. As students and researchers, we had access to the academic literature we needed to develop top-tier research projects.

But that wasn’t enough!

What is the problem?

Students and researchers across the country enroll in universities to access some of the knowledge they need to improve their local communities and society as a whole, but their needs extend beyond textbooks and research papers. They need input and knowledge from local communities about their unique needs and priorities so that they can better target the most pressing challenges. But accessing such knowledge and input isn’t easy.


How did we tackle the problem?

les organismes communautaires. Ces organisations – ONG, commissions scolaires, associations locales, etc. – sont prochement liées aux communautés qu'elles desservent et elles ont la proximité pour relever les défis auxquels sont confrontés les individus qu'elles aident. Ce qui manque, c'est l'infrastructure pour mobiliser les connaissances des organisations communautaires et les processus pour mettre leurs connaissances entre les mains des universitaires et des chercheurs.

Our Solution

ScienceReach solves this disconnect. Our platform features a Challenge Description Template to guide organizations through the process of sharing key information about the challenges their communities face. The Challenge Description Template uses a unique approach to identifying challenges by focusing on specific areas and groups. Next, ScienceReach’s data processing procedure verifies the validity and credibility of each submission so that researchers can use it in academic initiatives. This provision of information provides a new stream of financial revenue to our partner community organizations.

Sharing Information

Beyond sharing information about the challenges faced by local communities, ScienceReach also assists researchers in mobilizing their research knowledge. Our Science Communication Template allows researchers to plan knowledge mobilization activities and share information with community partners during each stage of their research projects.

The Vision

Our scoring system for Science Communication Plans helps researchers see additional activities that can be planned to improve knowledge mobilization. Our vision is to assist researchers in pursuing their passion for improving society while giving communities a voice in research and knowledge production.

ThIs Is our story.

September, 1st 2021