International Service Learning 3.0: Using Technology to Improve Outcomes and Sustainability

  • International Service Learning
  • ISL
  • field experiences
  • mobile technology
  • ‘out there in here’
  • summit basecamp pedagogy
  • Auteurs collaborateurs:
  • Anthony Vandarakis

Description du projet

Today’s International Service Learning practices require an update: modern technologies, fresh educational frameworks, and a new operating system to accountably prosper. This research project hopes to create a model of International Service Learning (ISL), which combines current technological hardware, electronic platforms, and asynchronous communications that are grounded in inclusive pedagogy. This model builds on the work around collaborative field trip learning, extending the reach to international partnerships across continents. Mobile technology, 21st century skills and summit basecamp modeling intersect to support novel forms of learning that tread lightly on fragile natural ecosystems, affirm local reciprocal partnership in projects, and protect traveling participants from common yet avoidable cultural pitfalls. Our research team is looking for schools/organizations that offer ISL opportunities to young people. The goal would be to first study what how service projects are organized and conducted. The partnership would involve all phases of ISL. Including but not limited to: understanding the existing partnerships, alignment of trip activities to educational standards, travel with the participants, post travel activities, data analysis and reflection.

Phases et activités

Phase de recherce

De: 2022-03-01À: 2022-04-01

Finding School or Institutional Partners

Research Design Interactions (citing, working group, consultancy)


  • Anthony Vandarakis


I am looking to partner with schools, study abroad providers, and host communities that want to improve the ISL experience while reducing harmful environmental impact. I also am interested in flipping the script and creating partnerships that bring students/communities members from the Global South to the Global North.



Phase de diffusion

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Phase d’atteinte

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Phase d’impact

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