Empowering Minority Youth for Climate Activism

  • Youth Activism
  • Climate
  • Social Justice
  • Auteurs collaborateurs:
  • Salma Tihani

Description du projet

This research looks at ways to engage with racialized youth who are interested in participating in climate activism. By taking an active approach to the study, we will be able to workshop ways for youth to understand themselves as activists and build tools to take action.

Phases et activités

Phase de recherce

De: 2022-03-23À: 2022-03-23

Workshop Climate Identities for the YMCA C-Vert program

Research Design Interactions (citing, working group, consultancy)


  • Salma Tihani


During this pre-session to the workshop, I facilitated a workshop on Climate Identities for potential participants to the research. The workshop looked at how participants understood their various identity pieces and how that fits into their passion for climate work. We then discussed topics around intersectional climate work and climate justice.

Phase de diffusion

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Phase d’atteinte

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Phase d’impact

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