Pandemic Turns Volunteer Programs on Their Heads

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The pandemic defined how volunteering was done in 2020. Most community groups had to reduce or suspend the majority of their volunteering activities for the safety of both their clients and volunteers. With the government directive that those 70 years old & over must stay home — despite the difficult logistics — Volunteer West Island launched an emergency grocery shopping program and recruited over 180 volunteers to shop for some 300+ clients who could not do their own shopping. It was a game-changer! 20,000 people registered on within the first two weeks following Premier Legault’s public safety announcements. Hundreds of new volunteers registered simultaneously and a great deal of time and energy was spent ensuring volunteers would be responded to, well-informed, and available when the community needed them.

2nd Wave = Pandemic Turns Volunteer Programs on Their Heads 

Community groups started re-opening and offering some services remotely, or outside where possible. A survey was sent to the 160+ community groups we partner with to assess their evolving volunteer needs. Sadly, because of the reduced ability to re-open programs, their scaled-back activities managed with fewer volunteers than usual, and there were far more willing volunteers than there were spots to fill. There was, and continues to be, a great concern for volunteers’ safety.

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File: Volunteers: an essential response team! -- 2020-2021 ANNUAL REPORT-- VOLUNTEER WEST ISLAND

Volunteer West Island (VWI) 

is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of volunteers as well as the community organizations and groups that require volunteer help. We also provide quality community-based health and support services to seniors and, we are dedicated to delivering innovative programs and services and developing partnerships with the community that we serve.