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Empowering Women, Breaking Barriers: DAWN Canada's Commitment to Inclusion and Equality for Women with Disabilities

  • Authors:
  • Annika Singh

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Young People with Disabilities

Women with Disabilities

Sex and Gender


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About The Organization

DAWN Canada, a prominent organization in the disability rights and feminist advocacy landscape, plays a crucial role in raising awareness and addressing the unique challenges faced by women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals with episodic disabilities. They conduct valuable research, such as the study on employment experiences, to advance the interests of this community. Additionally, DAWN Canada commemorates significant events like Indigenous Disability Awareness Month and Orange Shirt Day, underlining their commitment to inclusivity and solidarity with marginalized groups. Through initiatives like the Hummingbird Award and the "HERstory" retrospective, they celebrate achievements and contributions that have shaped the feminist disability activism movement over 35 years. DAWN Canada's dedication to amplifying the voices of those often overlooked in society is evident, making them a vital advocate for women and individuals with disabilities, promoting equity, justice, and awareness in the broader community.

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