Building Bridges: Community-Driven Strategies for Social Inclusion and Empowerment

  • Authors:
  • Carlos Martinez,
  • Amara Khan

Community Engagement

Social Inclusion

Empowerment Strategies


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Martinez, C., Khan, A. (2024). Building Bridges: Community-Driven Strategies for Social Inclusion and Empowerment. ScienceReach. Retrieved from https://sciencereach.ca/community-publications/5TQVRtl507yw8znVG2ZphS

About The Organization

Feb 10 testing- Helping Hands Institute is a Montreal-based NGO focused on mitigating local unemployment and enhancing skill development since 2010. Through comprehensive research like their Community Needs Assessment, they have tailored initiatives such as the Community Workforce Development Program, Youth Empowerment Initiative, and Entrepreneurship Support to address the specific needs of demographics facing higher unemployment rates, such as young adults, less-educated individuals, and immigrants. Their programs collaborate with local stakeholders to offer vocational training, internships, and small business support, leading to a substantial portion of participants gaining employment. The institute's efforts reflect a commitment to evolving with the job market, particularly by integrating educational updates through partnerships with universities.

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