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Addressing Challenges and Empowering Women Living with HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of the Centre d’Action Sida Montréal

  • Authors:
  • Annika Singh,
  • Keesha Horvat

Financial insecurity

HIV prevention


Mental Health

Women’s Health


Annual Reports (2022-2023): Comprehensive yearly reviews detailed our activities, achievements, and challenges, providing a broader organizational context.

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About The Organization

The Centre d'Action Sida Montréal (CASM), established in 1990, is dedicated to aiding individuals living with HIV/AIDS, focusing especially on women's needs. This organization champions the fight against discrimination that affects those living with HIV, viewing it as a vital part of social justice and HIV prevention. A significant aspect of their work involves defending the rights of women living with HIV, including the dissemination of information on legal issues connected to HIV. CASM places a high emphasis on confidentiality and anonymity, ensuring a safe and inclusive space for its members and beneficiaries. The spirit of female solidarity and mutual support is at the core of CASM's mission, aiming to foster community and break isolation through various activities. Since its inception, the organization has evolved, receiving its first government grant in 1992 and increasingly focusing on the needs of women living with HIV/AIDS and other STBBIs. Post-2019, CASM also engages in sensitization and prevention among the wider Montreal population. CASM operates Monday to Friday and maintains active communication channels, including social media, for outreach and engagement. Their inclusive approach respects the identity of every individual, striving to improve the quality of life and empower women living with HIV.

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