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Exploring Urban Sustainability: Community-Driven Initiatives for Green Infrastructure and Job Creation in Montréal

  • Project Leads:
  • Josephine Cloyde,
  • Marcus Beaumont,
  • Li Wang

Urban Sustainability

Job Creation

Green Infrastructure

Community Development

Project Description

This Knowledge Mobilization Plan focuses on developing sustainable urban environments through community-driven green infrastructure projects in Montréal. The plan addresses how these initiatives can be a catalyst for job creation, particularly in sectors that traditionally face high unemployment rates. It outlines the potential for green infrastructure to stimulate local economies and enhance community resilience. This document includes a comprehensive review of current green infrastructure projects, their impact on local employment, and outlines strategic partnerships with local non-profits and government bodies. The ultimate goal is to provide a scalable model of urban sustainability that aligns with global sustainable development goals.

Stage & Activities

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Green Jobs for a Brighter Future: A Montréal Community Guide

  • Josephine Cloyde,
  • Marcus Beaumont

This guidebook is designed to inform community members and stakeholders about the benefits of green jobs and the role of green infrastructure in sustainable urban development.

Cultivating Green Spaces: Workshops on Urban Agriculture and Job Creation

  • Li Wang

A series of workshops aimed at educating and engaging the community in urban agriculture practices, focusing on skill development and job opportunities in the green sector.

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