Montréal, Québec

Revitalizing Montréal's Workforce: Innovative Approaches to Upskilling for a Resilient and Dynamic Local Economy

  • Project Leads:
  • Emma Patel,
  • Michelle Ford,
  • David Lauzon

Workforce Development

Local Economy

Economic Resilience


Project Description

This comprehensive study examines the interplay between workforce development and economic resilience in Montréal. It explores the efficacy of upskilling programs and their potential to stimulate economic growth by equipping the workforce with the skills needed for the modern economy. The research synthesizes data from workforce trends, interviews with local businesses, and case studies of successful upskilling initiatives. It aims to provide actionable insights for creating a dynamic and adaptive local economy through strategic workforce education.

Stage & Activities

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Upskilling for the Future: Webinar Series on Economic Resilience

  • Emma Patel,
  • Michelle Ford

A series of webinars focusing on the importance of upskilling for economic resilience, featuring case studies and expert discussions on workforce development strategies.

Assessing the Impact of Upskilling Initiatives in Montréal

  • Michelle Ford,
  • David Lauzon

A research paper that evaluates the outcomes of various upskilling programs in Montréal, measuring their impact on individual employability and local economic development.

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