Montréal, Québec

Enhancing Vocational Training Pathways: Lessons from Montréal

  • Project Leads:
  • Michelle Ford,
  • Luis Nguyen,
  • Alex Tremblay

Community Engagement

Education Reform

Economic Development

Vocational Training

Project Description

This research undertakes a comprehensive examination of the vocational training landscape in Montréal, with a focus on identifying gaps and developing strategies for enhancing employment outcomes. By analyzing existing training programs and community needs, this study offers insights into the alignment (or lack thereof) between available training opportunities and the skills demanded by the local job market. The project draws from a variety of data sources, including program evaluations, participant surveys, and demographic studies. The aim is to provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers and educational institutions to improve the efficacy of vocational training programs. This research also explores innovative approaches to engage stakeholders and fosters partnerships that can result in more robust employment pathways. Ultimately, the project seeks to contribute to broader economic growth and social welfare by empowering the workforce with relevant, marketable skills.

Stage & Activities

No activity.
Empowering Workforce Development: A Toolkit for Communities

  • Michelle Ford,
  • Luis Nguyen

This toolkit serves as a practical guide for community leaders and organizations to create and implement effective vocational training programs.

No activity.
Aligning Skills with Market Needs: A Series of Community Workshops

  • Alex Tremblay

Interactive workshops focusing on aligning community members' skills with the evolving job market to tackle unemployment challenges.

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