Our mission is to bring research and communities closer

ScienceReach is a library of community challenges, needs and priorities. With ScienceReach, researchers can target the most important challenges in the communities with their research projects.

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We are building community

By bringing research and communities closer, we…

Offer practical knowledge about communities

This information comes from NGOs, charities, etc, that directly work with people. Using ScienceReach, they share knowledge with researchers and policymakers.

Provide access to opportunities and talents

On ScienceReach, community organizations and researchers can find relevant events, talents and projects in their communities.

Showcase research projects’ significance

When research is connected to community challenges and offers science communication activities, its significance is better demonstrated.

Do you have a socially significant research project?

ScienceReach can help you integrate community knowledge into your research and create a “science communication plan” that demonstrates your project’s significance to the community.

Are you a Community-Based Organization (CBO)?

ScienceReach can help you publish about the pressing challenges in your community. Researchers can then use this information to do research that truly makes an impact. CBOs are eligible to receive regular compensation from ScienceReach based on the usage of their publications.

Some of the Latest Projects on ScienceReach

Discover the latest from researchers and community organizations

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