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Trouvez des activités de communication scientifique (#SciCom) pertinentes sur ScienceReach. Les chercheurs préparent ces plans afin d'impliquer les membres de la communauté, comme les citoyens et les organisations, dans des activités académiques et d'échanger des connaissances.

Publications Communautaires #6

Plan de Communication Scientifique #11

Science Communication Plan

Montreal, Canada


Bridging the Gap: A Comprehensive Science Communication Strategy to Address and Mitigate Student Dropout Rates in Education

  • Authors:
  • David Smith,
  • Alex Johnson,
  • Maria Gonzalez

"Bridging the Gap" is a strategic Science Communication Plan aimed at mitigating student dropout rates by fostering collaboration among educators, policymakers, and communities. It leverages scientific research to highlight effective ...

  • #behavioral insights
  • #community collaboration
  • #dropout prevention
  • #educational equity
  • #student engagement

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


Exploring Urban Sustainability: Community-Driven Initiatives for Green Infrastructure and Job Creation in Montréal

  • Authors:
  • Josephine Cloyde,
  • Marcus Beaumont,
  • Li Wang

This Knowledge Mobilization Plan focuses on developing sustainable urban environments through community-driven green infrastructure projects in Montréal. The plan addresses how these initiatives can be a catalyst for job creation, ...

  • #Community Development
  • #Green Infrastructure
  • #Job Creation
  • #Urban Sustainability

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


International Service Learning 3.0: Using Technology to Improve Outcomes and Sustainability

  • Authors:
  • Anthony Vandarakis

I am looking to partner with schools, study abroad providers, and host communities that want to improve the ISL experience while reducing harmful environmental impact. I also am interested ...

  • #Field Experiences
  • #International Service Learning
  • #Summit Basecamp Pedagogy

Community Knowledge Publication

Montréal, Canada


Empowering Women, Breaking Barriers: DAWN Canada's Commitment to Inclusion and Equality for Women with Disabilities

  • Authors:
  • Annika Singh

The pervasive challenges faced by women with disabilities in Canada, underscored by poverty, isolation, discrimination, and violence, necessitate a comprehensive and inclusive response. These issues are particularly pressing for those ...

  • #Advocacy
  • #Deaf Women
  • #Empowerment
  • #Inclusion
  • #Sex and Gender
  • #Women with Disabilities
  • #Young People with Disabilities

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies for Integrating Technology in Community-Based Skill Training Programs to Enhance Employability in Montréal's Evolving Economy

  • Authors:
  • Michelle Ford,
  • Adrian Smith,
  • Jasmine Liu

In Montréal's evolving economic landscape, the 'Bridging the Digital Divide' project examines the potential of technology integration in skill training programs as a means to enhance employability among diverse populations. ...

  • #Community Development
  • #Digital Literacy
  • #Employability Enhancement
  • #Skill Training

Science Communication Plan

Oxford, Canada


Innovating for Inclusion: A Strategic Communication Plan to Foster Public Engagement in Emerging Technologies

  • Authors:
  • John Doe,
  • Hamid Goldman

This strategic plan is designed to foster a deeper connection between the public and the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies. At its core, the initiative aims to democratize innovation, ...

  • #Emerging Technologies
  • #Inclusive Innovation
  • #Public Engagement
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