Our Mission
Local knowledge is critical for impactful research, we help students and researchers overcome the challenge of accessing local knowledge.
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Our first service is publishing community knowledge for researchers and students in a unified format for easy access and use in academic work.
Each Community Knowledge Publications describes a specific community challenge, affected communities, and existing programs.
The're like academic papers, but from local organizations that work closely with communities.
They're a great source to learn about local communities and connect with community partners.
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Our second service is helping students and researchers effectively communicate their research to a broader audience and potential partners.
Create a Science Communication Plan for your research using our tool.
Connect your research to community needs, find partners, funding, and career opportunities.
To assist researchers in developing effective science communication plans, ScienceReach provides the following resources:
A tool to facilitate successful science communication (A.K.A knowledge mobilization) for your research.
Community Publications, which highlight the specific needs of local communities, enabling their integration into science communication plans.
An AI-powered tool to efficiently locate and identify community organizations relevant to your project.
A Feedback Center where researchers and students can seek input and knowledge services from community organizations.Access Knowledge Services Hub
Opportunities for showcasing science communication plans across various platforms, including community organizations and academic forums.
Our value proposition includes:
Assist researchers in making their work more inclusive of authentic community voices.
Enable researchers and students to focus on projects of greatest relevance to their communities, network with interested community organizations, and discover career opportunities.
Support communities in amplifying their voice in research and policymaking through active participation in knowledge creation.
Empower community organizations to participate in the knowledge economy by publishing knowledge and providing knowledge services. Our business model is innovative in the industry: We aim to compensate these organizations through university subscriptions for their contributions to knowledge production.
Ensure community organizations maintain ownership of their data and knowledge.
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