Our mission is to bring research and communities closer

ScienceReach is a dedicated publisher of local community publications. Through our platform, you can seamlessly bridge your projects with the unique needs, realities, and existing initiatives of communities, fostering relevance and transformative engagement.

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We are building community

Through ScienceReach, we draw projects and communities closer, initiating...


The creation of new opportunities and partnerships!

We transcend the boundaries of simple information exchange by bridging the gap between researchers, policymakers, and grassroots changemakers.


The dissemination of practical community knowledge!

Our insightful publications are sourced from NGOs and charities that directly engage with communities. With ScienceReach, they impart valuable insights to researchers and policymakers.


The showcasing of research projects’ significance!

We amplify the impact of research and policies when they're tailored to community needs and enriched by science communication initiatives.

We're here to elevate the impact of your project!


At ScienceReach, we facilitate the integration of community insights into your project and assist in crafting a 'Science Communication Plan'. This strategy showcases the value and relevance of your work to the community.

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Are you a Community-Based Organization (CBO)?

ScienceReach is here to support you in publishing local data and knowledge from your community programs. We've developed tools and processes to make knowledge creation and publishing easier for our community organization partners. The best part? ScienceReach is developing a new publishing platform that rewards community organizations with royalties for using their data - think of it like publishing your own book.

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