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Accessible Science Communication Plans For your research

Find relevant science communication (#SciCom) activities on ScienceReach. Researchers prepare these plans to engage community members like citizens and organizations in academic activities and exchange knowledge.

Community Publications #6

Science Communication Plans #11

Science Communication Plan

Montreal, Canada


Bridging the Gap: A Comprehensive Science Communication Strategy to Address and Mitigate Student Dropout Rates in Education

  • Authors:
  • David Smith,
  • Alex Johnson,
  • Maria Gonzalez

"Bridging the Gap" is a strategic Science Communication Plan aimed at mitigating student dropout rates by fostering collaboration among educators, policymakers, and communities. It leverages scientific research to highlight effective ...

  • #behavioral insights
  • #community collaboration
  • #dropout prevention
  • #educational equity
  • #student engagement

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


Exploring Urban Sustainability: Community-Driven Initiatives for Green Infrastructure and Job Creation in Montréal

  • Authors:
  • Josephine Cloyde,
  • Marcus Beaumont,
  • Li Wang

This Knowledge Mobilization Plan focuses on developing sustainable urban environments through community-driven green infrastructure projects in Montréal. The plan addresses how these initiatives can be a catalyst for job creation, ...

  • #Community Development
  • #Green Infrastructure
  • #Job Creation
  • #Urban Sustainability

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


International Service Learning 3.0: Using Technology to Improve Outcomes and Sustainability

  • Authors:
  • Anthony Vandarakis

I am looking to partner with schools, study abroad providers, and host communities that want to improve the ISL experience while reducing harmful environmental impact. I also am interested ...

  • #Field Experiences
  • #International Service Learning
  • #Summit Basecamp Pedagogy

Community Knowledge Publication

Montréal, Canada


Empowering Women, Breaking Barriers: DAWN Canada's Commitment to Inclusion and Equality for Women with Disabilities

  • Authors:
  • Annika Singh

The pervasive challenges faced by women with disabilities in Canada, underscored by poverty, isolation, discrimination, and violence, necessitate a comprehensive and inclusive response. These issues are particularly pressing for those ...

  • #Advocacy
  • #Deaf Women
  • #Empowerment
  • #Inclusion
  • #Sex and Gender
  • #Women with Disabilities
  • #Young People with Disabilities

Science Communication Plan

Montréal, Canada


Bridging the Digital Divide: Strategies for Integrating Technology in Community-Based Skill Training Programs to Enhance Employability in Montréal's Evolving Economy

  • Authors:
  • Michelle Ford,
  • Adrian Smith,
  • Jasmine Liu

In Montréal's evolving economic landscape, the 'Bridging the Digital Divide' project examines the potential of technology integration in skill training programs as a means to enhance employability among diverse populations. ...

  • #Community Development
  • #Digital Literacy
  • #Employability Enhancement
  • #Skill Training

Science Communication Plan

Oxford, Canada


Innovating for Inclusion: A Strategic Communication Plan to Foster Public Engagement in Emerging Technologies

  • Authors:
  • John Doe,
  • Hamid Goldman

This strategic plan is designed to foster a deeper connection between the public and the rapidly evolving landscape of emerging technologies. At its core, the initiative aims to democratize innovation, ...

  • #Emerging Technologies
  • #Inclusive Innovation
  • #Public Engagement
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Montréal, Quebec

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